Yep, she's that dumb.

Pamela Anderson has apologised for wearing dead sheep on her feet.


The former Baywatch star says she has thrown away her favourite Ugg boots, because she didn't know they were made from shaved sheep skin.

She wrote on her personal website: "I'm getting rid of my Uggs - I feel so guilty for that craze being started around my Baywatch days. I used to wear them with my red swim suit to keep warm never realising that they were skin! I thought they were shaved kindly."

Good grief.

And just for the record Missy … my Penrith sisters were stepping out in their Uggies for Thursday night shopping at Penrith Plaza well before you “discovered” this fashion accessory.

nye singstar party

Check out the awesome movie.

Singstar sml
medieval technical support

Cupertino, start your photocopiers?


Steven Levy’s Newsweek interview with Bill Gates offers a fascinating read.

At one point Levy questions the origin of many of the new features of Windows Vista … are they not strangely similar to features already in Mac OS X … ?

Gates’s response is surreal:

I mean, it’s fascinating, maybe we shouldn’t have showed so publicly the stuff we were doing, because we knew how long the new security base was going to take us to get done.

Nowadays, security guys break the Mac every single day. Every single day, they come out with a total exploit, your machine can be taken over totally. I dare anybody to do that once a month on the Windows machine.

So, yes, it took us longer, and they had what we were doing, user interface-wise.

Let me get this straight Bill … you guys invented this stuff, Apple copied, and ended up shipping first because your guys were doing an awesome yet time consuming job at improving Vista’s security.

Right. Uh-huh.

Gates vs. Jobs

One - Space Odyssey

Qué versión de Vista baby?

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Some people have waaaay too much time on their hands.

Life, the universe, and everything. And PowerPoint.

I stumbled across this very clever creation by two very clever design students studying at the very rude sounding Linz Kunstuniversität, Clemens Kogler and Karo Szmit.

And no … that's not The Governator talking ( “ It is not a tumor! ” ) …
narration is apparently performed by Andre Tschinder)

Says Clemens:

Le Grand Content examines the omnipresent PowerPoint-culture in search for its philosophical potential. Intersections and diagrams are assembled to form a grand 'association-chain-massacre'. which challenges itself to answer all questions of the universe and some more.

Of course, it totally fails this assignment, but in its failure it still manages to produce some magical nuance and shades between the great topics death, cable tv, emotions and hamsters.

WIndows 386

This is just frigging bizarre.

It is a promotional video Micro$oft sent to retailers attempting to hype the imminent release of Windows 386. Don’t bother with the first 7 minutes, just slide the playhead to the 7 minute mark … at which point it seems I think the production was hijacked by chimpanzees high on PCP or crank.

Steve Jobs on SNL

iPhone + Conan O'Brien

I love the sideburns!