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the css box model

The box model

From brainjar.

To understand positioning in CSS you must first understand the box model. For display purposes, every element in a document is considered to be a rectangular box which has a content area surrounded by padding, a border and margins.

Margins are always transparent. Borders come in various styles. Backgroundsettings for an element apply to the the area just inside the borders whichincludes both the padding and content areas. For purposes of illustrationhowever, the padding area is shown in a slightly darker color.

nice html tables

today i rebuilt an existing page because it had lots of broken links, and in doing so taught myself some css table stuff.


gotta find a tool/helper for that.

and css still eludes …

how stuff works is shite

today i learnt not just how competitive eating works, but also how how stuff works is shite.

hmmm. until now i had believed how stuff works was a sophisticated site explaining technologies for the masses.they have obviosuly been bought out by a major corporation and been told to make themselves more accessible to more people.

i don't care if i sound like a snob, but please, should competitive eating be here?

how to embed quicktime movies

found an answer very quickly

why? because i want more color and movement on here
mods for safari
there is an amazing world of mods for safari

wow, another obssession for me.
just as i was getting bored with icons.

pimp me baby
browser history
browser history as an illuminating record of the workings, associations, processes, linkings and tangential muiltithreadedness off my mind
i want to export it every day to a text file and keep it is a journal of me
now i need to find out how to open this file and do something with it
metasyntactic variables

sometimes i am just astounded by the thought of entire parallel universes of knowledge that some of us are destined to never once encounter; yet this very same knowledge forms a fundamental part of another person’s life.

for example, metasyntactic variables. huh? exactly.

well, today i learnt all about them.