why macs are better

  1. three words: final cut pro.
  2. you can compress files and create .zip archives directly from the finder.
  3. no way in hell could i build a website as sophisticated and attractive as this on a peecee
    … and if was insane enough to made the mistake of even bothering to try —
    which i wouldn’t ! — it would be a nightmare, as there is no peecee version of bbedit, rapidweaver, nor are there ports of css edit, daring fireball’s fab little blogger’s buddies smartypants and markdown or safari.

this list is of course not definitive, and i have decided to build it experientially
ie. every time i remember why i love macs, i will add to it.

fine print: please don’t flame me or send me rude, nasty, pitiful emails. this is my website, and i can say what i like.
and if you want to design, develop, upload, test, rinse, repeat as well as pay for my hosting, my connectivity, my masseur and my speed dealer, you may not say what you like. nyeh.