zip compression

zip compression is a type of file compression that decreases the total size of a file and allow larger amounts of data to be transferred in fewer bytes. a zip file typically ends with a .zip extension.

zip is a lossless compression scheme, in that the .zip files do not lose any quality or data when unzipped, and it is a great way to store or share data, especially through email and over the web.

you will generally need a zipping and unzipping program to use this technology. look for one that gives you the power to compress image, audio, video and document files. some products have additional options, like backing up files, saving hard disk space, preparing files for distribution and protecting them with encryption and passwords. choose one that suits your needs.

zip from the finder

mac os x

another reason why macs are better: no need for a third party tool, you can compress directly from the finder.

you may not have noticed this feature before, because mac os x refers to creating a zip files as creating an archive.


in the rare and unfortunate instances i have been required to use windows, and needed zip compression, i have used the following products without any problems.

do i recommend either of them? no, of course not, i recommend that you buy a mac.