Oct 2005
i love snobo

i came across this delightful animated short a couple of days ago.

it is so beautiful.

question: am i a loner and deep and solitary and cerebral because i never fitted it?
or did i never fit in because i was a loner and deep and solitary and cerebral?

the shroud of st kilda

the shroud

someone asked to be removed. instead i made them unrecognisable.

if i said what i really think he looks like, i’ll get in trouble off mum for blasphemy. let’s just say that he looks like he has been lying in a tomb for two or three days, and he’s about to come back from the dead.

… we may all burn in hell …

fire and brimstone!

what follows is an actual question given on a university of washington engineering mid term exam.

the professor claimed that the answer was so profound that he was driven to share it with colleagues, which is why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it too.

thanks to rob gilbert for connecting us with the story …

happy birthday rob gilbert

south pacific

there is a special message waiting for you here.
birthday kisses and wishes all round! pdr. xxx

something for your handbag, monica …

say hello to shazza

this is something i whipped up for handbagmovie.com for our pages discussing stereotypes vs reality. i hope mon can see beyond the offensiveness of me making her ugly to the great political statement i was making … tee hee …

zzzzzzzzzolitaire, mind sleeper
mine sweeper et al.

do people really still play solitaire on their computers at work? that was boring in 1995 …

this just in from one of our correspondents in the field …

“ i'm ready for my montage, mr ryan ”

film stuff
woo hoo! I got the job! i start in 2 weeks.

who would have thought that after all these years of being away, i would end up working here!

life is wonderfully circular!
this is an incredible opportunity ... i am so excited!

! censored !

rob censored!

i received a rather nasty legal memo today, asking me to remove an image of a rather important vip posted to this site … more …

“ … missed the memo … ”

war is homo

… says the lovely james gallagher of this rather silly inscription on some dopey fella’s tee shirt … more …

mars et. venus

This one’s from Rob Gilbert
— thanks darl!

buggered …

slideshow about me


been at it all weekend. but i am loving this.
my brain has become so geared for learning again, it’s a real thrill.

and the scope of this site is going to be huge.
stay tuned!

the greg apple

greg et moi

just woke. 5.45am, sent greg a message, he’s on his way soon. really going to miss him, he has been the most wonderful friend these last few months. … more …

jive talkin’

“ i am an avant garde conversationalist …
   … i talk so fast, people can never keep up with me …
         i’m always three sentences ahead of the conversation … ”

realisation by me during conversation with david austin just now, where he didn't understand a single thing i said for ten minutes. hmmm. note to self: slow down pete.

your next holiday … ?

thanks to tarin for pointing out this amazing deal

my first fan …

allison my fan

and today i got this lovely little message from a fan of the website, indeed, perhaps the first of many … ?

youse rule ’n that
via email 7 october 2005 9:29:59

what a lovely thing to say, young allison. love the show! with your wonderful erudite diction, i know the children of today will grow up to be the wonderful shazzas of tomorrow …

gone all chooky …

so this is how hollywood's best are going to look in 2037 … shit … how bad am I gonna look in 2037 ? ... so depressing, pass me the ratsac now …

anyhoo, can you tell whose chooky neckline this is … ? click through and let me know if you got it right …

and comments on this site are always most welcome … in fact, encouraged … is there anyone out there looking … ? … anyone … ? … bueller … ?

nintendogs … ?


Am I tripping out? … or are they trying to sell video games to dogs?

dante’s inferno

and speaking of rob, i had the honour of designing his 40th birthday invitation.

i told him my visual inspiration came from the feeling a crowd gets when they go and see him dj at parties … hot, steamy, decadent, dirty, sexy.

happy birthday for october 26 rob.

show us wot youz’ve got

who is that?

even a hardened technophile like myself is still gobsmacked by the coolness of some technologies these days, and even more so when clever people take an idea and run with it … more …

viddies, ditties, daddies, dates

woo-hoo! tuesday already. i love short weeks … some updates …

workin’ (too) hard for (no) money

my itunes catalog

said i on completion of version 0.1 of impdr.com ...

“ man … that was way too much hard work! ”

phamily fotos

fab! louie and seanie sent me some lovely photos this weekend, and i’ve posted them in the photos section.

thanks guys! please send me more!