Sep 2006
six squared

I come to realise time and again that my mind functions in ways foreign - alien - to others. I say this not to elevate myself nor to denegrate others, just as a remark on the amazing diversity of the human race. Or maybe on the fact that I am a freak.


I was putting together an invitation for my birthday celebrations dinner, and thought I would go along with the moniker of pdr36. I began to think about the number, realising it was the square of six, and decided to take another look at Wikipedia … I had been fascinated about its revelations on my birth year, the big-seven-oh. And I was completly stunned. Wow, 36 is a very important number. So I drew together a mash of entries, and penned this little invitation.

in mathematics, it is the square of six. it is also a triangular number, and is thusly a triangular square number, and also the only triangular number whose square root is also a triangular number. it is also a thirteen-gonal number. it is the smallest number n with exactly eight solutions to the equation divisors, thus a highly composite number.

the invitation

it is the sum of two primes, and the sum of the cubes of the first three integers. it is the number of officers in an important mathematical puzzle. it is the number of degrees in the angle of all five tips in a perfect star. it is the number of possible outcomes (not summed) in the roll of two distinct dice.

it is the largest numeric base that some computer systems support as it exhausts the alphanumeric character class [a-z0-9]. the truncated cube and the truncated octahedron are archimedean solids with this many edges. in base ten, it is a harshad number. it is the international direct-dial code for hungary. it constitutes a perfect score on the act exam. it is the number of nuclear tests conducted as part of operation whetstone.

it is the traditional number of courses in a wazwan. survey townships were units of this many square miles of land divided into this many singular one mile sections. it is the number of days of the reign of roman emperor gordian i. it is the number of cards dealt in the solitaire card games flower garden and stonewall.

it is a suit of tiles in mahjong.

it is a german clothing label. the fruit fly drosophila, frequently used in genetic studies, has this many bristles. mutations may cause it to have more or less. further breeding after mutations always brings the count back to this number. it is in the name of a software company. the american flag had this many stars from 1865 to 1867, when nevada was admitted as the state befitting this latest star.

it is the number of the french department, indre. muslin is associated with this wedding anniversary. in the french vernacular, it is used in cliché for “a great many”. it is the number of passengers - oh the humanity - that died in the hindenberg. of a chinese dragons 117 scales, this many of them are yang. it is the name of a bed and breakfast in glasgow, scotland. the lakshadweep island group has this many coral islands.

albania is divided into this many districts, and nigeria is divided into this many states. it is the length of the strait of gibraltar in miles. it is the number of levels in arkanoid. it is the number of rows of text in this document.

the lifespan in solar years of peter dominic ryan will equal this number at exactly 0803hrs GMT+10 thursday september 14 2006.

this event will be commemorated after an interval of this many hours

2003hrs GMT+10 friday, september 15 2006.

you are thusly invited. please come. further details forthcoming.
and that.

Most people thought it was spam.