because i sayed-so ...

Whilst doing my obsessive compulsive hourly trawl through my favourite rssfeeds this afternoon, i stumbled across something on daring fireball (one of my favourites!) that grabbedmy attention.

… or as they tag themselves, the free and easy way
to speak your mind.

… from their surprisingly schmaltz-less
self-serving sales spiel:

What is say-so?

Say-so is a hybrid.

it’s wild, untamed.

It’s a versatile little web-app that allows you topost a page for feedback from literally thousands of people all over the worldin about a minute (if you are a fast typer).

so what’s the big deal?
Say-so sounds like a blog.

Well it is, sort of, but without the fees or software to install.

Say-so sounds like email.

Yeah, kinda, but email doesn’t allow people to quickly “vote” or choose anposition.

With say-so, the sender can quickly identify which position is themost popular with his readers.

say-so sounds dumb.

Really? We think it’s kinda cool. Try it, you might like it.

So, being the risky try anything on the web straight away kinda guy i am, idid, i got a free account, and i committed to sending my first message. And isat for a whole pondering what it would be about. And realised i was too bloodylazy / bushed / concussed / over it to be really clever.

hi guys

Sorry for a rather banal sounding email, but I am just experimenting withthis new idea in web / blog publishing:  Say-so.

It’s anonymous, and unlike other blog technologies, it’s also moderator-lessand owner-less!  True laissez-fare, mind-meme-melting-melds, cross pollination like a bastard hippie lovechild of Pierre Teilhard deChardin and Richard Dawkins

So I sat, silent, pretentiously trying to come up with a wonderful topic ofdiscussion …  for fifteen minutes trying to think of something witty and eruditeto post and thereby impress you all … but, bugger it, I could only think about two things:

  1. I still miss Buffy.  
  2. Why is Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac one of those songs that once you thinkof it, it just loops over and over in your head …? Oh shit. I just thought ofit …

… and it’s 18:23 on a saturday, I’m a bit erudited-out by this time of theweek.

Please check out the link, and if youare so inclined,
set up your own online conversation …

… and let the global consciousness flow …


Oh well, I am sure my next post will be more enlightening …
you can read (and respond to!) my say-so post here: