amigos para siempre
the shroud of st kilda

the shroud

someone asked to be removed. instead i made them unrecognisable.

if i said what i really think he looks like, i’ll get in trouble off mum for blasphemy. let’s just say that he looks like he has been lying in a tomb for two or three days, and he’s about to come back from the dead.

happy birthday rob gilbert

south pacific

there is a special message waiting for you here.
birthday kisses and wishes all round! pdr. xxx

the greg apple

greg et moi

just woke. 5.45am, sent greg a message, he’s on his way soon. really going to miss him, he has been the most wonderful friend these last few months. … more …

my first fan …

allison my fan

and today i got this lovely little message from a fan of the website, indeed, perhaps the first of many … ?

youse rule ’n that
via email 7 october 2005 9:29:59

what a lovely thing to say, young allison. love the show! with your wonderful erudite diction, i know the children of today will grow up to be the wonderful shazzas of tomorrow …

dante’s inferno

and speaking of rob, i had the honour of designing his 40th birthday invitation.

i told him my visual inspiration came from the feeling a crowd gets when they go and see him dj at parties … hot, steamy, decadent, dirty, sexy.

happy birthday for october 26 rob.