workin’ for tha man

in australia we call them trucks.
in england they are better known as lorries.
TransmitRock Patterns
stripes are a type of pattern.

tee hee

'tis funny, i had kinda hoped people would be arrogant enough to google themself, but to sick the eagles on via cease and desist.

saab knopp

'swhat i'd expect from a driver of the saab.

rude words? what rude words

some people are just plain paranoid

written confirmation

wow. i always suspected as such. but an admission from the great fuckwit himself? awesome.

got it in writing

google this, fucker

i had an idea. you know how some people, just for fun, google their name, and see what comes up.? well, what a great way to send a message to someone you despise. for example, hmmm, let's see … oh, of course, how about the greatest fuckwit that has ever lived.

truck stripes is a fuckwit
truck stripes is a cunt
truck stripes is an arse hole
truck stripes is a loser
truck stripes eats shit
truck stripes is a cocksucker
truck stripes is a moron
truck stripes is a wanker
truck stripes is a twat
truck stripes is a dipshit

still gonna get one of your mates to do the site, asswipe?

perspective: edjamecated

little black book

Got this email from a good friend yesterday.
A very compelling read.
Makes one think about one's "worries" … perspective is good.

“ i'm ready for my montage, mr ryan ”

film stuff
woo hoo! I got the job! i start in 2 weeks.

who would have thought that after all these years of being away, i would end up working here!

life is wonderfully circular!
this is an incredible opportunity ... i am so excited!