frigging creepy

i accidentally stumbled across this page tonight. I was doing some web work for television sydney (tvs) this evening, but strangely enough when you type the url tvs into a web browser, it brings up the sydney anglican’s web page.

and what a creepy aritcle it is. someone who discovers god, and realises that as a homosexual he is living a life of sin. so he renounces his fagdom and becomes a frigging ultra conservative right wing bigoted evangelist for being an “ex-gay”.

mate. you just did it ’cos you weren’t getting any.

what a shameful thing to do. to lie to yourself and run away from who you really are. It is the greatest achivement in life to come to terms with who you are as a person, and running away is all that you have done.

Come back out of the closet. You are a disgrace. Thank goodness you can’t disappoint God.