the inaugural offensive quote of the week

… or should i just call it the ugly, moronic, fucked-up, bigoted, dickhead, blight-on-humanity quote of the week?
so many homophobes, so little to learn from them…

anti gay	protest
I know of no case in which a homosexual society has led to greater good or has brought about lasting happiness.

Charming as it is, yairs, I found this delightful treatise by some fuckhead called Josh. his argument is that gays and lesbians should not be married because there has never been a record of a gay society in history that has advanced mankind.

Josh, as far as i am aware, there were the Incas, the Mayans, the Sumerians, the Egyptians, i could go on and on … but i don't ever remember reading about the gays. Oh, learned Josh, pray tel me, who were they? some classical toga-clad super-race of people going to all night parties at the local sun goddess temple? hmmm, actually, i think they're still around …

ancient homos

god my blood boils sometimes.

so many people just sit within a twisted reality, fabricating a logic system purely and simply to justify their own puerile and bigoted views.

i have more respect for a screaming mean nasty poofter basher. at least he is being honest with himself and the world. to hide your prejudice in some nut-ball theory does not make you sound like an intelligent human being. it merely allows you to stand out and be seen as the nasty person you are.

off to bed, a little more disappointed with the world than i was when i awoke this morning.