stooooopid [sic] steve replied!

Oh my goodness. What fun. Stoopid Steve got completely plugged-in by my rather funny reply, which, for the record was:

why is it that homophobes are always really really bad spellers and awful at grammar?

is it because they are stupid? well, duh!

they like gays and lesbians to remain at arms length with respect to human rights, because they know we are smarter.

be afraid, be very afraid.

poor old steve obviously doesn’t have a lot going on upstairs:

The HIV, STDS, etc well i dont have to worry about that. But by encouraging homosexual lifestyle[sic], you are also encouraging rampant disease. I would be curious as to the next big disease God sends Homosexuals, after HIV is cured.

Just pray that it isnt [sic], im [sic] sure that HIV is a walk in the park compared to whatever is next. Just imagine the disease— maybe your penis will get sticky and get stuck up some dudes poop hole.

Eeew. Steve.

Don’t you think you think about all this a bit too much?

And can someone please tell me what a homosexual lifestyle is? Not fair. I have been gay all my life and don’t yet have one of these homosexual lifestyles. Is that we’re you’re tanned and blonde and drink margaritas by the pool all day? I WANT ONE!!!

Steve is just jealous because he can’t have one.
It’s because you can’t spell Steve, you’re too stooopid [sic].

Signed, free (almost), gay (very) and happy (mostly).

This was his shattering retort snigger:

This is to the homo named:
free (almost) gay (very) and happy (mostly)

[pdr: he bolded me!!!]

you’re not’re good’re at’re typing’re eith’re

hey moron, people that type in these things don’t proof read. and your rebuttal was lacking details please show us all that you have more going on up stairs than name calling ie. you sodomite.

Oh, you know I can't help myself, especially when goaded by someone who's not that clever …
I just had to reply:

a special message to my new fan, stoopid steve

Now, come on Steve, don’t give me the proofreading bullshit. They weren’t all typographical errors. Some of them were genuine stoooooopid [sic] mistakes.

Steve if you think that calling me a sodomite is going to hurt my feelings, then you are as stoooopid [sic] as I had expected in the first place. I am a sodomite and proud.


So reminding me that I am one doesn’t really have much of an effect. It’s really weird, because I tend to notice that nasty lonely bigoted fools — like yourself — always call me names like that.

But then again, I would rather you call me names — and not spend so much of your time alone — and I am sure you have a lot of that — wondering about the horrible diseases “those gays have”.

Listen mate, I have been copping homophobic crap all my life. As if someone as stoooooopid [sic] as you is gonna hurt my feelings.

Give up now.
Go home.
I won.

As far as I am concerned, anyone who is prejudiced about people of any sort is not really deserving of the respect and fellowship of other human beings.

So Steve, sweetie darling, I am not even going to attempt to prove my mental superiority to you.

You did it yourself, my dear.
You have proven your inferiority to me by your words of hatred and nastiness.

The empty howls of the lonely dog.
Steve, I have ear plugs sweetie.

And on a more serious note, please do not quote God and scripture within the same text as the disgusting and pathological homophobic rants as you did before. I think it offends all of the good people out there who are true christians; ie. they believe in the teachings of a man who said, above all else, be kind to your fellow man. Which is actually how I choose to live my life.

The really great thing about this choice is that I don’t have to be kind to people like you, which is such a nice relief. Phew. I can just keep calling you stoopid [sic], which is a lot of fun, especially as I can change the spelling of the word stoooopid [sic] each time i do so.

Oh, by the way, can you send me a picture of your stoooooopid self. I wrote about you on my website today. If you want, click on that link and see.

Scroll down to the heading that says * homofoebs and speelling and grammer*. I spelt it like that because i kinda think that’s how you would spell it Stoopid Steve. Don’t worry, I wasn’t nice to you. I just felt like letting the rest of the world know how stooooooopid [sic] you are.

And to all of the rest of the people reading this: sorry, but I have had enough of dreadful people casting aspersions on a very large number of their fellow man, simply because they know a love that some see as different.

For me there is no difference; love is simply love.

And for all of you sick of homophobia, well today I vowed to step up the fight. I even registered a new domain name: It may not work as yet, still waiting for the DNS entry to propogate.

Whilst ever a day goes by when one person looks at another and judges and condemns them for the way they are, that is a day where the world gets older and no closer to peace.

Steve — your words were written to hurt and attack and to hate. Instead they have inspired me to create a better world, not just for gays and lesbians, but for all of us.

Even you, old friend. Thankyou for reading.
You made my day. I am still chuckling about you …

Signed, free gay and very happy that stooopid steve replied!