i can’t help but make sense …

It just keeps on getting hotter and hotter at the Gay Marriage Say So!

After this latest mound of crap disguised as sense:

ha! someone replied

wow it took me a half hour to make sense of this topic here are some thoughts

Don’t plagiarize marceepants, that article was written to be sarcastic hardly 100% sound reasoning.

Another world citizen [pdr: that’s me!] you might source check first.

The choices here are just asking for a fight. Either you are for it because it is equal rights for all or you think it is special rights? WTF! How could it be special rights? Special rights are what married people have, over single people and gay people. How about people who do not agree but do not think of it as an abomination?

I do not see how having a marriage certificate makes any couple more in-love per say. I am for equal rights but I am not able to bridge the gap on why marriage should be redefined so gay people can do it.

I still believe that the government should recognize them though.

But, while things are getting redefined can we redefine salt? Maybe we could call everything salt. Hey maybe in lue of getting married they could get salted. I agree with Travis Marshall completely, Kyle, even steve/free happy gay [pdr: me again!] (you two are dumb fuckers btw) did have some interesting points.

Also it is laughable to think that Britney Spears defines the sanctity of marriage.

… I just had to chip in …

Sorry to rain on your parade of half-truths “peacelover”:

Don’t plagiarize marceepants

In marceepants defence, i don’t think it was plagiarism whatsoever. Last time I checked the dictionary, plagiarism was the act of appropriating the literary composition of another author, or excerpts, ideas, or passages therefrom, and passing the material off as one’s own creation.

And if you read the article in full, peacelover, as i did, you would see that you missed two fundamental things:

  1. the authors encourage the text to spread far and wide, as it is intended to be read by many many people — exactly what marceepants was doing
  2. sure, the article is sarcastic, but what is sarcasm? sarcasm is witty language used to convey insults or scorn. — the writers are making a point here, that all of the arguments made against gay marriage can be completely overturned by equally ridiculous counter arguments. That’s also known as a “farce”.

You failed to highlight the most telling part of this article:

We hope to show how ludicrous the arguments against gay marriage really are, by explicitly stating the arguments… and letting the obvious conclusions from these arguments follow, which are clearly not accurate.

If anything, the sarcasm strengthens our case; it does not weaken it.

I tell you, if you can give me one good solid argument against gay marriage; one argument not based on religion, not based on prejudice, based on assumption or tradition, I will listen.

I have been listening for 35 years. I don’t think there is one.

And one final point. Calling people “dumb f ### ers” does nought but weaken your case.

I have noticed how it is the people in the centre column who are the most:

  • defensive
  • nasty
  • angry
  • cruel

Well, this is just the straw-clutching of desperate people who know the end of a regime is nearing. People who know the way they have it and like it now is in its dying days.

I promise you: we will get the right to marry. We will.

You can fight and argue and lie and deceive all you like. But we will win. Because we are about changing the world for the better. Those who stand against us want to keep the status quo of intolerance and division.

I cannot speak for all people, but I can say this for myself and a lot of the people I know: if we just were able to listen to someone else’s opinion and not try to convince them that they are wrong, and not believe we have lost anything by doing so, the world would be a very different place.

We need to respect each other.

And I repeat. We will win. You know it.

Of course we will win. If they thought we wouldn’t, they would ignore us. Bring it on.

Oh dear. Did I just quote Gee-Dubyah?