buggered …

shit. been at it all weekend. but i am loving this. my brain has become so geared for learning again, it's a real thrill. and the scope of this site is going to be huge.>/p>

greg must be arriving any minute in los angeles. i am so excited for him, and the thing i love about him is he has a real sense of fun and adventure when he travels. things would never be dull.

Screen shot of one of the slideshows

anyways, not making any sense, brain has turned to mush via exposure to javascript and dom scripting. monica is going to be blown away by the new dynamic slideshows that i have added to the galleries section. they are so cool.

kind of mac os x dashboard-esque context sensitive navigation tools. they dissolve to about 50% opacity when the cursor hovers over an image, and allow you to advance, pause of rewind a slideshow. and incredibly easy to implement once i got my ahead around the action scripting. off to bed now. xxx