i received a rather nasty legal memo today, asking me to remove an image of a rather important vip posted to this site.

rob censored!

dear mr ryan,
it has just come to my attention that my icon has been published for all to see on your website.
my lawyers will be instructing your lawyers to remove that from public view. or else.
yours faithfully,
[name withheld ]

of course, i was strong and tough and refusing the submit to the tyranny of the rich and powerful, i did exactly what they asked …
but let me say this:

eff campaign

well, dear readers, fear not, for today i might have lost the battle, but i lost the war long ago … er, um, no … um, yeah, i will steadfastly … um …

… i will fight them in the beachhouse and on the tennis … no, um …

… i promise to fight the good fight, to laugh at the good jokes, and to stay true to my beliefs … hmmm … i wrote them down somewhere once, and when i find that bit of paper, i will let you know what they are.