perspective: edjamecated

Got this email from a good friend yesterday.
A very compelling read.
Makes one think about one’s “worries” … perspective is good.

How timely.

Just when I start to think that everything in my life is turning to shit, I’m reminded that most of the human population of the planet has it much, much worse.

I feel quite happy now!

But also sad, and guilty…

From: [withheld ]
Sent: Sunday, 6 November 2005 04:22
To: [withheld ]
Subject: [exiles ] Edjamecated

New Job at [withheld ] is less than fun… I guess if it was fun I would be paying them.

I work for [withheld ] but I work in S. Indiana at my bossman’s other company office. I was hired to help ‘develop a marketing plan’ and turns out that I am just calling people off a list. It kinda sucks but I get to talk with red neck construction workers all day and it does get pretty funny talking to the good old boys, at times.

My boss is a rich white guy who thinks that we all have been given the advantages that he has. He is very condescending. He acts like I was given hundreds of acers and a Stock in a successful buisness [sic ] when I left home like had been given and that I just squandered it. It pisses me off but I suck it in and !YES SIR! him. Part of the job (50%) as he told me was to be working on the two companies’ web sites. I was really excited about that part of the job. So far I have only written one short proposal concearning [sic ] the site and two really short emails. Disapointing [sic ] for sure.

I was getting really upset the first month there because I was given no training, minimal instruction and told not to do anything that I wasn’t told to do. An incredible waste of my time, and I couldn’t even read school work online at lunch.

The secretary girl (known around the household as the ‘cocksucker’) has sucked up (literally and figuratively) to the owner and has been made vice president. With her only offical [sic ] powers being that she has the ket to the mail box, key to the supply cabnet [sic ] , key to the office and liscense [sic ] to ride my ass indecriminately [sic ] .

THis is good for her though. A 27 year old who still lives at home with her folks really needs the esteam [sic ] building that comes with bossing the 40 year old world weary indian around. “What are you doing now?… So… now what are you doing?… NO REALLY, What exactly are you doing now?!”

Jesus H.!

Picture the thought bubble above my head… ”I am picturing myself shoveing [sic ] a bottle us someone’s ass… ”

I have been forced to hold to a trite little moddo [sic ] . This is a bit like the “WWJD” “What would Jesus do” except it is more practicle [sic ] : “TSMD,MD” “They say monkey do, monkey does”. I have made a little sign that I have taped to the top of the computer screen.

Mind you it sure is nice sitting in an office, staring at a computer screen, as opposed to standing in the cold selling hotdogs to drunks. It is 32 hours a week. and I still get to go over to the Univ. of Louisville and worked with the Standardized Patient program acting sick for med students. No benifitts [sic ] of course.

The regular work is good for being in school. I am able to keep regular hours, have a fairly regular paycheck. I miss the cash living though a little.

That is the poop. Getting accostomed [sic ] to living in the city after all those years on the end of a dirt road. I don’t like the noise, but I like the fast internet access.

That’s all from me