workin’ (too) hard for (no) money

said i on completion of version 0.1 of this, my new site, last week ...

“ man that was way too much hard work! ”

a thought that always get me thinking ... how can i do it faster, better, quicker, less fuss, more output?

my itunes catalog

i have just spent a considerable amount of time thinking about how to publish the content of my itunes library to my site. the manual process i had been following until now was a little too manual for my likes, so i got onto what i do best — surfing the web — and i think the tool i have found to replace my hand-coded, manually produced pages is awesome.

i have produced an online illustrated sexy new catalog of my entire itunes music library — over 11,221 songs, 68.9 gb, listening time: 36 days 21 hours 26 minutes and 57 seconds !!! — replete with request links for you to prompt me to upload individual songs, albums, or even entire artist collections if you would like a copy. don't you agree: isn't it noice? diffrent? unyooshal?. yairs. check it out now and send me a request. and you ask for as much erasure as you like. go on. you know you want it.

… and just in case you are wondering, “ why doesn't he just upload the entire catalog ” … well renting 70gb of online server space would cost me more than $2,000 per annum … not great value … and hosting it myself would completely slow my internet connection to dial up speeds. [shudder] … ).

so check it out and let me know what you think. once you request music , i will add a new page with the songs you want, send you a link , and you can download at your leisure. see an example here.

as this is a very early version of the catalog, i haven't had time to check it completely. for example, i noticed some of the artwork that itunes has downloaded is incorrect. i will fix this in coming weeks.

i would like to try and keep nefarious bandwidth-gobbling chronic downloaders
(ie. ones that i do not know … ) away from the site; they steal music, and never pay for it, and also steal other people’s bandwidth … it’s all take take take with those bastards …

that's not what this site is about - we're about sharing our music between friends for disussin can review,
always within the fair use principles of copyright law and policy.

* phew * rant over … so, to kee things kosher, i have password protected the music section.

if you would like a music site login, just click here and ask!. Even if you are someone I do not know, please ask. I might say yes … you never know your luck in the big city …